Dr. Ads sees his former student who dropped out, Shiloh, in his dark brown robe, coming down the street. He carries another sign mounted on a 6-ft. furring strip. The print, however, is too small to read. On the back, however, again is his same message: “REPENT, THE END IS NEAR.”


   Ads calls him over to his bench.


   This time it’s Shiloh who starts with a question.


   “Ads, have you seen your colleague’s new book,

The Blood of Three Worlds¹?”


For more use the DOOR.





   “You mean Knapp’s novel? You’ve of actually read it?”

   Shiloh nods.

   “I’ve begun it…” he confesses. “Read maybe one-third, skimmed some of the rest. Your thoughts about this fat [500-page] book that seems to travel in every direction on two planets separated by a lot of space between them and everyone young and old? Who is for anyway?”

   Dr. Ads replies:

   “It’s a perfect, easily readable–silent or aloud–story with “frameable” one-act scenes that are satisfying to repeat, on a Kindle 8 in a portrait orientation, thrusting forward unexpected artwork, and–as I personally told Knapp–it’s much cheaper than the print version. That’s good. Still, if what in the story really happens, the bookshelf version is all that would be left after an EMP attack destroys all electricity, and with it the status quo and millions of people–on Earth.”

   “Ads, you’re sounding like an engineer.”

   ” ‘Readable’ is engineer language?”

   “You’re an ideas person, Ads,” Shiloh returns, ignoring the prof, “a religious man. What’s going on here?”

   “Be patient, Shiloh. Above all, don’t read the last part first. The 3 appendices are the ‘engineer’ part. Some say the 70-page dialogue-filled Postscript that bursts in after the Epilogue, and covers only 32 hours is the best part of the story and at last ends things–except for a 25 pages of appendices.”

   “But it is a love story surrounded by death, Shiloh, like you have never read before. And it doesn’t betray the interest you carry with you down the street.”

   [Even more later!]


   ¹ The Blood of Three Worlds by John Knapp II (Ephemeron Press, 2019) is now available at Amazon, in print or ebook formats. Go to Amazon for a description and a free “peek into” the book itself.  At the time of this writing, the Kindle version is free to read for 30 days for Kindle Prime customers.