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   In a recent cartoon, a 9-year-old boy stares at plane flying high overhead and declares to a boy about 6, “We probably look like ants to the people in that airplane.”


   The younger boy replies, “Don’t they know what kids look like?”




For more you need to use the DOOR…



   (This has to illustrate something…)


   Scientists assume that they can see everything they need to know–with the right tools, of course. And, of course, when they say this they’re usually referring to things they can prove, demonstrate, or strongly argue for, scientifically. Assumed, of course (once again), by many, is that such things are the only things we can confidently “know about.”¹

   But maybe we’re too large or not small enough, or too far away from, or too close to important pieces of the “big picture.”²

   Once again we will quote Lennard Susskind, one of the fathers of black hole physics: “The deeper we go into the physics of matter and energy, the less we seem to be able to connect the dots of how it all goes together with any confidence. Or such is the case at present–and “may,” or very probably always will be. The human mind just may have hit the wall as to understanding the big picture in a 4-dimensional world.”³

   Because of our size and location (in the cosmos), and our finite brainpower, absolute certainty may be beyond reach. We may make the black box4 that still contains legitimate mystery smaller, but it will never go away.

   From a plane seat hurling through space it will be possible to see ants as they can never see themselves; and the ants on a lost ocean island will never picture a noisy metal bird stopping somewhere and building a nest.


   ¹ Yes, we’re using loaded words with extended meanings without parsing them…

   ² A 1000-piece jig-saw puzzle comes to mind, that our family worked into the wee hours to put together to show, once gain, some impossible things are not impossible.

   ³ See Post #064 (or {2}).

   4 As you probably expect, we will deal with that “black box” more in the future…