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   We consider ourselves somewhat unique–which might be a turn-on or a turn-off.

   We have 9¹ different archives–which often overlap. These are especially useful when ideas or “observations” seem to naturally overlap. And, as we openly admit, we often–openly–look at things from a Christian worldview, which to us² is an important consideration. And, of course, that distinctive is often irrelevant or out of sight.

   It’s easy here to chase down different interests in your dozen seconds (give or take more or less).

   (1)  SCIENCE

My degrees and most of my training is in science and science education (PhD from Western Michigan University in sci. ed. and writing textbooks, newspaper columns, and teaching it on several levels.

   (2)  RELIGION

As mentioned, or highly suggested, I am a Christian, realizing that many important questions can’t be answered or even addressed by science alone. I have some training in Greek and religious studies, primarily the Bible


Not a stranger in my academic past.

   (4)  LANGUAGE

I have written fiction (very recently The Blood of Three Worlds), poetry, newspaper articles, academic papers, in addition to “posts” and science texts. I retired as a Professor of English at State University of New York at Oswego.

   (5)  Observations

We all have them.

   (6)  Facts

Info that we consider important.

   (7)  Sources

Documents or books that you might miss.

   (8)  Events

Things happen that we find interesting.

   (9)  Curiosities

We read or saw it and can’t get it out of mind.

   And, as you can easily “observe,” these things easily mix together in ways we find interesting. Of course if you’re a science person, you can easily click on science and skim just through our science category and see titles of what we’ve discussed in the past.

    And so on.


   ¹ We like using numerals often. It speeds up taking info off a page. And we love footnotes. It makes us look more serious.

   ² Notice that we use the editorial “we” (or “us”) usually and shamelessly interchange it with “I” or “me.” This is largely a one-man show, though we invite comments and reaction.

Happy Big Birthday, Greg!