In short, here’s the Socialist/Progressive Agenda:


(1)  Change must come.¹

(2)  “They”² must pay.


For (3) and the rest, use the DOOR.




   (3)  Learn Chinese.³



   ¹ You can only put so much on a sign. (Note that this is an undocumented opinion piece.) But plausible cost-and-effect data is hardly a hallmark of socialist/progressive crusading. (We will climb aboard the fantasy express here.)

   ²  Certainly not “us.” “We” are all unable, or are unwilling, or have paid too much to others already. Grab or get the $, or renminbi (or yuan) from elsewhere–nearby or far away. The oppressive “dollar” isn’t, or shouldn’t be, so almighty.

   ³  Of course, you’ll not see this–at least soon. But one should tune in to the world’s most populated country where people can come closer to equalizing everything. And learn their heart language. English, by the way, is the shady language of most elitist providers. More people speak another language (though some would argue that should be Spanish, but not much today seems to be spoken by a prosperous “providing” people in that language).

Happy Birthday, Son #1!