Q 1:  “What is a cell?”

  Observation 1:  “The great scientist Darwin didn’t have a clue.”

  Observation 2:  “Now we know much, much more.”

  Observation 3:  “Very much more.”

“It’s very complicated. Let’s go to something else…”

Q 2:  “What is a proton?”

   Response 1:  “A ‘+1 charged’ particle in the nucleus of an atom.”

Q 3:  “What, then, is this particle made of?”

For more use the DOOR.




   Res:  “A proton is a basic particle.”

   Q 4:  “What is a “basic” particle? And…what is it made of?”

   Response. 2: “Very, very small stuff.”

   Q 5:  ” ‘stuff’ ?”

   Response 3:   ?

   Observation 4: “Protons are made up of quarks¹ which we’ve never exactly seen but we have names for them, and  more, they have fractional charges.

   Response 4:  What then is a quark? (See Note 1.)


   ¹ See Notes #722 or #906 or just “quark” in the search rectangle at the top of the left sidebar.