The new world of marijuana


   Marijuana is now legal for medicinal use in 33 states and recreational use in 10 states.


   Concerns?  Yes there are!


   Quotes and observations that follow–unless indicated otherwise–are by Marni Chanoff MD, a psychiatrist on the faculty at Harvard Medical School and McLean hospital in Cambridge, MS¹


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   Says Dr. Chanoff: “I’ve cared for dozens of young people experiencing their first psychotic episode, and many are ‘wakers-and-bakers’ who use weed throughout the day.”


   (1)  “Increasingly potent forms of cannabis are becoming widely assessible.”

   (2) “…fewer and fewer adults consider marijuana problematic.”

   (3) “Recently, 15% of 12- to 17-year-olds [i.e. kids] reported using marijuana, and in 2017, 6.5% of them were current users. This means that approximately 1,600,000 adolescents used marijuana in the past month.”²

   (4) “For anyone with a family history of severe mental illness, long term or heavy use of cannabis³ is also also associated with increased chances of developing schizophrenia.”

   (5) “Research shows that initial psychotic episodes can occur 2 to 6 years earlier in people who use cannabis daily.”

   (6) “…important…for parents to talk with their teenagers about their family’s mental health history.

   (7) “I…thought marijuana was mainly benign until I worked with young people hospitalized on the psychiatric unit.”

   (8) “Teen marijuana use will very likely continue to increase with further legalization. For some of those users, the consequences can be truly devastating.”


   Dr. Chanoff can be followed on Twitter at @ChanoffMarni.

   It’s a new world, with new “rights” and new worries. The magnitude of social problems on our doorstep grows even more staggering.


   ¹ As reported in Florida Today, in a guest column by Dr. Chanoff on Jan. 21 (or 22), 2019.

   ² We apologize for the confusion here as to who was evaluated where and when.

   ³ All boldface in this post is ours.