We’ve been at it awhile.


   3 posts a week,

   without missing a deadline

   over 7 (calendar) years.


For a few more details, go through the DOOR.





   For one thing, it’s a filing cabinet, a menagerie of ideas: things I read about, think about, and explore, and often come back to without having to reinvent the wheel.

   (1)  A unique feature is collecting things in one–or more–drawers. See categories at the right. That way I, or anyone else, can explore a category of interest more easily.

   (2)  Most reacted-to post? #077 has been visited more than 2000 times. The “Why” bar is next. But don’t let that fool you. Most posts (demonstrated by feedback) are not reacted to in a meaningful way. Rather, received comments are “hooks” to try and take me and others to unrelated or questionable directions. It’s a wide-open world.

   (3)  What is Post #077? It’s a short piece of fiction I wrote called, “33 Minutes to Live.” [For a complete version of this story I recommend reading it at Post #150.] What’s it about? Check it out for yourself. Type #077 [or #150] into the search bar at the upper left. It will take you there…as well as back to here!

   (4)  I write as a Christian.

   (5)  Not everything is about Christian things, however.

   (6)  And me? A husband ♥, father, grandfather, writer (see sidebar on right), former college English professor with a PhD in science education. I live about halftime in 2 different places: PA & FL.

   (7)  I enjoy doing this. I invite reactions and comments.

   (8)  Life is special.

   (9)  No footnotes this time…

   (10)  I can live with that. (But I did make it to 10.)