Making resolutions?

   Let us help (before you start and fail again.)

   The “DOOR” isn’t locked.


(Use it or lose it…)




   We’ve sort of done this before. And we’ll be general once again¹. And we, as we often do, will make a list. Here we go…

   (1)  You’ve got a lot of habits. Many are good. Keep those.

   (2)  But, as time passes, circumstances change. There’s no law that insists that you keep every habit–though good habits are useful. Get rid of some habits that make no sense. Change some for variety. Put your bath towels on a different rack. Get a new bathroom scale. Throw out 2² boxes of old stuff. (See where this leads you.) Some other suggestions for change follow:

   (3)  Wear a different set, or style, of clothes. No law against that. A new way might even work better.

   (4)  Pull 3 books from your shelves³ that you want to read.

   (5)  Select a new location in your house to read–even if it’s only 15 minutes a day. Tuck your 3 books within reach, even it’s under your chair.

   Climb out of your rut. That’s enough for today (except for the expected numbered notes which you’ve overlooked).

   Reactions welcome…


¹ Often we’ve emphasized the importance of specifics. But generalities have their place, too. Even the 10 Commandments need to be pondered and sometimes fleshed out as to how they apply to modern life.

² See how numerals sometimes are “cleaner” in text which one skims for info. (2 beats “two”).

³ Yes, I still extensively use my Kindle, but “paper books” still have their place.