Humans are unique and are distinctive among all living things.




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   This intricacies of design found in anything that lives–flower, tree, bacteria, mold, cat–are complex and overwhelming. How such living things came to exist leads to questions about how such things could ever “happen.”

   A deciduous leaf is a factory with solar panels that can capture light from the sun and use it in the same manner as we would extract electricity from the power grid. It’s automatic and doesn’t have to be turned on. When it’s “season” is over it withers and dies, only to be replaced and start over when the next season begins.

   Each of the trillions of leaves around us do this. They know what to do when the time comes.

   And the billions of individual cells in plants and animals are tiny factories, automatically doing different jobs, according to how they are “wired.” With raw materials delivered by wind, water, or blood, they create and make what is necessary and eliminate wastes.

   Necessary for what?

   That’s a bit hard to answer exactly. But there must be a purpose somewhere. And a manager or engineer to direct things.

   And we haven’t yet mentioned humans, with the softball-sized brains that, among other things, holds 100,000,000,000 neurons or brain cells with their trillion or so connections to make things “go” in our bodies–automatically.

   A scientific naturalist–if pressed–would insist that all this accidentally came about if enough time is allowed for many “accidents” to allow for assembly and everyday business. “It has to be that way.” End of explanation.


   A Christian would insist that there’s much more to it than that.

   And there are other places to look for more satisfying answers.


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