Here’s a NT admonition that we can easily warm up to and pass along to others:


   “…make it your ambition to lead a quiet life and attend to your own business…”

–I Thessalonians 4:11a

   But how does this fit into everything else?

   For that you need the DOOR.




   [This is a soft devotional thought…]


   Some observations:

   (1)  This is a feel-good admonition that few would object to. (No one will burn you at the stake for sharing it.)

   (2)  Note the ellipses that begin and follow these words. There’s no context to put this in. Is the presenter of the words–in this post–up to some personal agenda and is pirating a pleasant Bible passage? These are words from the Apostle Paul that agrees with almost everybody’s sense of decency and something that all good folks should follow, especially those of us who are Christians. Paul shares some good common sense here, doesn’t he?

   (3)  This is probably compatible with most other Christian teaching.

   (4)  It would make a good wall motto.

   (5)  Does Paul have any special reason for saying this? We don’t know just from these words. Are we just skimming through someone else’s mail?


   For the record, there’s some pretty meaty words before and after this passage–words “Satan kept us away”; Paul’s group was going to “suffer affliction”; “abstain from sexual morality”; avoid “lustful passion”; “excel still more”; God will return quickly and unexpectedly; the “dead…shall rise first”; etc. And there’s always the admonition to share with others what one has received.

   It’s most useful to put Scriptures along other Scriptures to get a well-informed and balanced point of view. To tunnel in and simply lead a quiet life is important, but not to the exclusion other things that God expects.