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   “Our adequacy is from God…”

(declares Paul in II Cor. 3:5)


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   This is a simple response to a simple (at least when first considered) thought.

   Our engine to help us “go” is not just a consequence of natural selection. Because life processes are so “ordinary” and seemingly automatic to us we hardly ever think about them. We just digest, grow, eliminate, heal, think, “rise up to whatever occasion” because we are.

   No more time to waste thinking about that.

   Except for this:

   Why does living matter “press on”? What, in matter or energy, is there to drive us to succeed, move on? What purpose? If there’s nothing but matter and energy–and no God, and certainly no God at “work”–why does it matter to matter that it do anything or have anything happen? Why doesn’t it just quit?¹

   Science has no answer for this.²

   The Bible says (above) that God is our adequacy. Another way of saying it is that God Himself makes things “go on” in a particular direction, or that He sustains³ us physically and in every other way. Of course, certain directions we choose to go in are often, but not always, determined by the mental choices we (or our soul) make(s).

   Don’t, now, ask science to prove the existence of God. It can’t in the narrow way we usually limit science. Honest science, however, can suggest the limits of what it can do, and can indirectly suggest that with such questions we should look elsewhere.


   ¹ The questions don’t end there. Science has no explanation for how, or why, matter and energy got here in the first place and “evolved” from tiny bits up to my talking about tiny bits. “Evolution,” however you define it, is a “conclusion description,” not an explanation of first origination, or the mechanism for change on the path “upward.”

   ² To say it a bit differently, If there’s no outside purpose, why did the original bits and pieces attempt to improve (?) their circumstances by collecting and changing into larger and more useful pieces?

   ³ In theology there are lists of attributes of God. Not only is He the Creator of everything, but He is the Sustainer as well.