“Quantum Physics at Airport Security?”

   For more, lower your expectations

and use the DOOR



   After handing over my ticket reservation and my driver’s license, checker at the Scranton American Airlines counter handed back my license, and tickets—two of them—for Ft. Myers, FL.

   “It’s Gate 6 and the security line is to left.” I was a senior so she pointed the direction.

   After two steps I stopped and did an automatic inspection. I had my two bags, hat and coat (providing extra pockets), my two tickets and —

   “Hey! Where is my driver’s license?” It wasn’t in my hand though it should be. I’m fanatical about double and triple checking things like that. I never lose tickets, keys, and such. But my driver’s license was nowhere to be found! I had no I.D.

   I had just held it in my hand. I went through my billfold twice. My pockets twice. Even my jacket pockets (that I wasn’t wearing). It wasn’t on the floor. I couldn’t blame my wife, who was rolling her eyes. The people behind the counter were no help staring past their pasted on courteous smiles.

   It was 4:30 in the morning and our plane would soon be taking off.

   My mind wandered to the weird realm of quantum physics. Recent research had shown that very (very) small things– which my license wasn’t–had provided evidence that some things could be in the same place at the same time, or in no place at all unless it was being observed by someone, and if these were observed, then they could not be observed by anyone else. Maybe someone else was watching. Anyway, my ears were burning from embarrassment.

   A couple of coffee might help.

   I found my license on the third trip through my billfold.

   Perhaps anyone looking had been bored into casting their eyes elsewhere.¹


   ¹ Or perhaps I’ve been too long on the road–PA, NY, NJ, TN, NC, FL.