THE BLOOD OF THREE WORLDS (129,000 words) by John Knapp II


Elevator Pitch: A romance in which two orphaned, precocious, and naïve teens with a space pilot, four English Bibles, and little else take a “forever-one-way trip” to an exoplanet in desperate need, as Earth civilization crumbles after a global EMP attack. Together, the two survivors face a new language, witchcraft, poisonous food, unexpected terror and tragedy, challenging responsibilities, and—of course—each other.


For more use the DOOR.



The issues of Why? How? and the possible connection of the Bible and missions with any humans beyond Earth is carefully addressed (but is background to the action).


[Already the ms has been formally endorsed by an astrophysicist (PhD) who was also Professor of New Testament at an evangelical seminary. Also endorsed by a Christian avionics engineer (who actually read the whole story on his telephone!)]


   The story is unique in that it’s:

   (1) The only modern space story (known to me) with an intended one-way-forever “mission” trip to an exoplanet (one beyond our solar system).

   (2) The only such futuristic space story involving a trip where Christians (2 precocious and determined teens and their pilot), with English Bibles and little else, encounter fellow humans from a different culture in a different world with a different language.

   (3) The only such story that doesn’t require, allow, or use cell phones, computers, or other electronic devices—except for a space flight and one minor exception on Earth.

   (4) The only such story that omits any use of the three-letter “S word,” (the one with “e” in it) or any of its derivatives, for personal intimacy…realizing, of course, that a new planet comes with a new language to express important realities.

   (5) The only such story where obeying the 1st, 7th, and yes, the 4th of the 10 Commandments is an important underlying structural motif—not to obtain salvation but for proper obedience to God.

   (And for nerds only: (6) It’s the only such story written from the male 3rd person, limited-omniscient POV with an interloping narrator. YA and/or NA without the mud.)

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