We’ve mentioned 7th Day Baptists before.

3 items:


   (1)  They’re definitely NOT a cult.

   (2)  They’re in no way connected with he 7th Day Adventists; in fact, they have a written history at least 200 years earlier.

   (3)  They have a 10-point “Statement of Belief” that looks very Baptist-like; except for Point 9.


It reads (color is ours):


(9) Sabbath

We believe that the Sabbath of the Bible, the seventh day of the week, is sacred time, a gift of God to all people, instituted at creation, affirmed in the Ten Commandments and reaffirmed in the teaching and example of Jesus and the apostles. We believe that the gift of Sabbath rest is an experience of God’s eternal presence with His people. We believe that in obedience to God and in loving response to His grace in Christ, the Sabbath should be faithfully observed as a day of rest, worship, and celebration.

Genesis 2:2-3Exodus 16:23-30Exodus 20:8-11Matthew 5:17-19Mark 2:27-28Luke 4:16Acts 13:1442-4416:11-1317:2-318:4-11Ezekiel 20:19-20Hebrews 4:9-10John 14:15Isaiah 58:13-14Luke 23:56

For a bit more, use the DOOR.




   If you’re interested, or a bit curious about this Christian denomination, clock onto seventhdaybaptists.org, and prowl around. They’re scattered all over the world from Hong Kong and India¹ to London, to the Carribbean, to NYC and the midwest in the United States. How did this happen and why? Where is the “world” capital? Our national one? And the significant event they had on education in early America?

   For some of you, it’s worth the adventure. And the argument, or apologetic, for why they believe what they do and do what they do is compelling. For the nerds among, the book to read is Don A. Sanford, A CHOOSING PEOPLE: The History of the Seventh Day Baptists Second Edition, Revised and Updated (Mercer University Press, Macon, Georga, 2013). We recommend the Kindle version ($9).


   ¹ According to the source cited above, there are, perhaps, 20,000 7th Day baptists in India, maybe 4 times in number presently in the U.S.