A short promise was made

by one man to another as both

were slowly dying

from terrible injuries…


It was obviously overheard,


by at least

one person


who told a writer¹,

who unlike his writer friends


passed on these 8 words

to millions more.


[for more use the DOOR]




   “Today you will be with me in paradise.”

                           –Luke 23:43


   The one man was a thief who was sorry for what he did. The other was the sinless Son of God. Both died two thousand years ago nailed to a Roman cross of wood.

   The writer was Luke, who unlike the other Gospel writers–Matthew, Luke, and John, omitted, or were unaware of this tender detail. What does this extravagant promise show us?

   (1)  Repentance is possible for sinners even up to the end of life.

   (2)  A mysterious but “good” place called “paradise” awaits for the repentant soul² (one’s most important “part”). Why “good”? Well for one thing, Jesus will be there.


   ¹ That is, if the writer didn’t hear this himself, someone had to relay this information to him.

   ² It’s the “soul” that makes the journey, not the body. Why? Because Jesus’ body still has three days in the tomb, and the thief’s body would be thrown in the garbage dump. Jesus says that the trip to paradise will occur today. What and where is paradise? That’s a topic for another day.