Okay, let me clarify:


One can say only so much in a title.


This is our 834th post.


     Of course there’s more, but for that you need the DOOR.




Let me itemize:

   (1)  This is our 834th new “original” post.

   (2)  Conveying interesting¹ info (see tab bar above).

   (3)  We call this educational.

   (4 )  At the rate of 3 new posts per week (every M, W & F).

   (5)  Since 2013.

   (6)  Without missing a deadline.

Nobody has a longer running website

that has regularly, and consistently, done this sort of thing.

We invite you to challenge this.


   ¹ That is, to the eye of the theoretical beholder. (Notice, too, that our footnoting system is quite distinctive–unique, maybe?)