Diaeresis ???


         A “word thing” we encounter, but don’t understand.


For more use the DOOR.






   In short, it’s the 2 dots over a letter thing.

   You pronounce it  die err e sus.

   In the definition from Wikipedia, we’ll highlight some key points:

   The diaeresis indicates that two adjoining letters that would normally form a digraph and be pronounced as one are instead to be read as separate vowels in two syllables. The diaeresis indicates that a vowel should be pronounced apart from the letter that precedes it. For example, in the spelling coöperate, the diaeresis reminds the reader that the word has four syllables co-op-er-ate, not three, *coop-er-ate. In British English this usage has been considered obsolete for many years, and in US English, although it persisted for longer, it is now considered archaic as well.[4] Nevertheless, it is still used by the US magazine The New Yorker. In English language texts it is perhaps most familiar in the spellings naïve, Noël, and Chloë, and is also used officially in the name of the island Teän. Languages such as Dutch, Catalan, French, Galiian, and Spanish make regular use of the diaeresis.