There 3 related words that are readily useful:





For more use the DOOR.




   Here’s what the Oxford On-line Dictionary says about them:


   concordant |kənˈkôrdnt|


   in agreement; consistent: the answers were roughly concordant.
Geology corresponding in direction with the planes of adjacent or underlying strata.
Medicine (of twins) inheriting the same genetic characteristic, such as susceptibility to a disease.
Music in harmony.

   concordance |kənˈkôrdns|

1 an alphabetical list of the words (esp. the important ones) present in a text, usually with citations of the passages concerned: a concordance to the Bible.
2 formal agreement: the concordance between the teams’ research results.
Medicine the inheritance by two related individuals (esp. twins) of the same genetic characteristic, such as susceptibility to a disease.
verb [ with obj. ] (often as adj. concordanced)
make a concordance of: the value of concordanced information.

   concordancy   [NOTHING]

   Most familiar to most Christians is the indexing use in the Bible. However, these words are also particularly useful, we feel is comparing two different kinds of information to each other. Do they relate to each other in providing any defining information comparing and contrasting each other? And if so, what is it and how?

   One example: Is the Genesis account in the Bible concordant with the findings of modern science? We think so.¹


   ¹ But to explain how? to what extent? and why? would take several more posts…and fortunately right now we’ve run past our limit. Saying this, however, can help sharpen the nature arguments on “both sides.” Some folks are beginning to use these terms and we welcome them.