Since 2013, this is our 800th new post.


So, we’ll stop for a… “12 seconds”

   and talk about what we’ve



  and how you can deal with it.


For more use the DOOR…




   For me, John Knapp, it’s a filing cabinet of much that fills my thinking, reading, and writing world these days.

   For you–my family, my college students, my Sunday school students, the few friends and acquaintances I have left–it’s sharable things that we could talk about if the time, circumstances, and desire to share at a dinner table, in a restaurant booth or a two-man kayak, or in a walk together at the zoo. The days still bring much to my door.

   Or it’s a place you can avoid, or try to stay away from, like a nasty cold.

   Or if you’re offering a 3 AM feeding, this site may be a welcome distraction.

   It’s dangerous for me to dig to deeply into the past. So I’m going to hold back.


   (1)  Posts are arranged “historically” — 2013 – 2018.  You can click on any year.

   (2)  Posts are arranged by category. There are 4 BIG ONES and 5 small ones. You or can take off and explore one of these areas for up-to-date science, new or old facts, devotional or theological reading, and so on. Some posts are archived in more than one category, however, because they cross lines.

   (a)  SCIENCE — the latest on space or biological research, etc. (my PhD is in sci. ed.)

   (b)  RELIGION — reactions to Bible reading and modern Christian life, etc. (I’ve a year of seminary)

   (c)   PHILOSOPHY — ways to think and reason, etc.

   (d)  LITERATURE — books and reading; I write and I was a college English teacher once.

   (e)   events — key to me, or for others not to overlook

   (f)   observations — My eyes are open within a Christian framework.

   (g)  facts — things I and others are pretty sure are true

   (h)  sources — books and documents that matter–about new and old things

   (i)   curiosities — things make you stop and wonder

   (3)  In the search window you can put in key words that perhaps unexpectedly occur in any of 800 posts! For example, if you insert “Trump” you may be surprised by what you find. Here are 3 examples: [1] In early November 2016 , trump was 11th in the top 20 key words used in computer searches. [2] Trumpuloo was introduced by us as a useful neologism. [3] We learn from geneticist Robert Lanza that “biology trumps physics.” And so on.

   Which is more than plenty for now.

   Come and visit the site and leave a comment.