Okay, this is a sorrowful personal note. You may want to give it a pass.


   In the next few weeks, “NARNIA1” will disappear from the license plates of Pennsylvania.




For more requires using the DOOR.




   The name, of course, comes from C. S. Lewis’s Narnia Chronicles, seven books with which many children are familiar. Years ago, I used The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (the first in the series) in my college classroom.

   For the past 20 years or so NARNIA1 has been the license plate on my red 1999 Rav-4 Toyota¹ that I drive–and keep (“in storage”)–in Pennsylvania when I’m in Florida. For the last dozen years or so my wife and I have lived in two places, nearly equally in each. As of January 2018, however, I can no longer pay just the storage fee for the time I’m not there. I have to pay full price for liability as if I were driving full-time.

   What to do? (A) Keep the full liability and pay $800 or so more car insurance each year, (B) Sell the car¹, or ( C ) Mail in my plate to PennDot (and never get it back…ever; that’s what “they” told me), and reregister my car and get a new plate every time I return.

   The savings, if I do C, counting keeping my car with storage insurance, buying a new plate each season, and putting up with the hassle is about $650.

   Guess which one I’ll do.

   I still recommend the Narnia Chronicle stories, however, and hear that there’s a good movie out about The Dawntreader, the 2nd book in the series.

   But my days of advertising from the road are over. The tax from PA was too high…and ridiculous.


  ¹ As if I could.

  ² You expect a better note, however, and here it is. I didn’t quite tell the whole PA car story. A deer encouraged me to “trade in,” give away really, my 1999 red Rav for a 2014 red Rav. This was painful but necessary. But time moves on. I had to put away my cassettes, learn to use a back-up camera, and talk to my dashboard when I needed to make a phone call.