“Cut away the ropes.”


–Acts: 27:32


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   This is a devotional note that walks away from the Bible without any special authority. But reading Bible narrative in the quietness of morning can lead a person to ideas…sometimes important ones. (So consider the source and context.)

   A cliché that’s unwise to discard is “A person’s life is a sum of one’s personal choices.” We believe that, and consider personal choice one of the 5 “givens”¹ that’s not necessary to spend time proving. Ex: I can get up from where I now sit and go in any number of directions, and change my mind along the way. You can never know ahead of time where I’m going or know what I’m going to do.

   End of blather about that.

   People, especially stubborn ones, can make surprising (at least to others) decisions about what they will do next.

   In the Bible book of Acts, the prisoner Paul and 275 others are stranded on a large ship that’s caught in a big storm. Through a series of fascinating events  those directing survival tactics come to trust Paul when he says that the only way to survive is to stay aboard the ship, and when it suddenly is grounded and is destroyed, every life will be spared as the passengers swim toward shore. Then hearing that, those trying to lower a lifeboat to escape suddenly “cut the ropes” and let the boat go. They turn and place their trust–and their lives–in Paul’s words. They didn’t have to do that. What did Paul know about sailing? But they cut the cords anyway.

   They had some kind of evidence.

   People gather evidence as they live. And, so they choose, sometimes in ways they never would have thought possible. And, looking back, they realize that they made the right decision.

   Coming to Christ, from wherever, is sometimes like that…


   ¹ The other 4 givens:  (1) I exist (really), (2) I can feel, (3) I can perceive, (4) I can think. We’ve discussed these earlier.