For those of you dealing with compulsive “doers,” those who must always “be doing something” to be happy and healthy…


   but aren’t.


   Consider the 10 Commandments!


At least the ignored one.


For more use the door.




   From the previous post:


    The 4th of the 10 commandments, says STOP

   The ordinary and regular duties of life will always be around, and are rarely “finished.” Ignore that, however. We are commanded not to murder, not to commit adultery, not to be jealous (covet), not to lie (bear or make false witness), etc. We make the rest of those commandments, as Jesus did, the basis of Christian moral code.

   As to the 4th commandment, to put it crudely, says it’s a sin to “keep on doing the things of Day 1 through Day 6.”

   These words, however, are ignored by those who want to post the “Big 10” on courthouse walls throughout the U. S.

   The 7th day is a special day when it’s not business as usual–even for pastors and housewives. (One reason to visit Israel is to see how the idea of the Sabbath “overlies” the country whether there’s a particular religious meaning or not.)

   For a Christian this means to stop and be especially open to God–not just reading a Bible chapter or a portion from My Daily Bread¹–without feeling guilty about letting the dishes build up in the sink. They can wait until Sunday (or Monday).

   Be open as a child and listen. God didn’t make you in His image just to work, serve, or even minister. Or even publicly worship.

   He made you to face Him.




   ¹ Such “devotional materials” are fine in their place.

   ² Now for the small print. It’s so easy to become knotted up over the busyness of even very good deeds, even for people who are devout Christians. But even those things can get in the way of a personal relationship with the One in whose image we are created. To help us deal with that, He gave us the gift of time. Regular periodic time on the last day of the week. Dealing with Sabbath time stands right alongside the other Commandment “biggies.” It makes little sense to cherry pick the commandments you “want” to follow, ignoring the others. You may want to refer to the previous post about this.

   And do a little grown-up study of history.

   As to the Christian counsellor connection here? One of the hardest things for some people to do is to truly relax. And he first intention of the Sabbath commandment seems to underline doing just that–not just sitting and being open to nothingness, but open to God.