It’s 2018 but, of course, we’re writing this

in 2017…


But as we reach this marker,

we’ll reflect…briefly


(you know, a dozen seconds…)


This is our 774th new post.


 For a tad more, use the DOOR…






    What are we (I, John, the engine here) up to?

   Well, we’re still working on that. We’ve put together 774 new posts at the rate of 3 per week (MWF) since 2013 without missing a deadline–so far. And more are in the pipeline that you can respond to, or react to, if you wish. And we invite that.

   Further, these posts go into one (or more) of 7 archives–with the big ones RELIGION (basically Christian things), SCIENCE (with an eye open to new things), PHILOSOPHY (new and old), and LANGUAGE (looking at books, stories, sentences, expressing ideas, bumper stickers, writing issues, even words) that catch “our” attention, and seem worthy of a brief posting that you can easily skim (partly justifying our bucking some rules, such  as frequently using numerals even for single digits), and creating rambling sentences like this one.

   And too many parentheses and super-short paragraphs that are fragments.

   All that you can bite on, or ignore.

   (But come back in a couple of days).

   Some are totally separate musings and some are very related.

  With our search engine rectangle at the upper left you can easily–with key words–search particular areas of interest¹. We (I) invite you, again, to inspect the headers that run across the top of the post that suggest what we’re trying to do.

  As to me, your source? I’ll bury that in a footnote–the sort of device that “we” seem addicted to².


   ¹ We dabble from time to time in issues, that by their nature, have serious implications in this time of unusual political unrest. But, and I hope not to disappoint you, the name of the current American President appears only twice–so far–in our posts.

   ² Part of my bio: Graduate of Wheaton College (psychology, ’63), MAT in general science (Michigan State, ’68), and PhD in science education (Western Michigan U., ’72), year of graduate study at Denver Seminary; author of several books (see sidebar), another novel on the way; professor of English for more than 30 years at State University of NY-Oswego. And, yes, I’m much older than a lot of these experiences.