In a piece of writing, continuity, and linking of information, even words

really matters.


   Here’s the greatest jump

between paragraphs I’ve ever found.


   The “gap” is 13.7 billion years¹.


To find out more you’ll have to first face our gap: the DOOR.




   It’s found St. John’s account in the Bible:  Between John 1:5 and John 1:6.

    The “book” (“Gospel of John”) starts with God and how everything first came about: There’s mention of “The Word,” which is identified, or inferred as, Jesus; and and the contrasting phenomena, light and darkness.  The terms are pretty general though everyone can relate to them. The message: God started and is behind everything.

    Then comes the big jump.

    The narrator (the apostle John) describes the coming of another particular man (also named John and who referred to as “John the Baptist”) who is going to tell more about the light. There’s a connection–immediately assumed–between the light first mentioned and a man who’s about to appear.

    And so one of the four narratives about Jesus’ life begins…


   ¹ Assumed here is that God’s beginning is the same beginning of everything as presented by the current Big Bang Theory, and that the real beginning of everything is the same as the account presented in the Bible, though the Bible account is limited to the words available to the author of Genesis.