This is a simple devotional thought

   (following a radio broadcast

   I heard on the way home).


First, God wants us to accept Him

   and love Him first and foremost.


      But then what?


   More requires using the DOOR.




      Is it attending, leading, or starting more Bible studies?   No.

      How about regularly attending a Bible-believing church?  No.

      Being an evangelist?  No, unless it’s your special gifting.

      Being a social activist?  No.


      Here’s a snippet of a “verse,” which a snippet of a Bible book, which is a small piece of a large written record that God has given to the people created in His image (remember that!):


“Go therefore and make disciples…”

–among the last words of Jesus

       (acc. to Mt. 28:19)


      For many obvious reasons, Jesus didn’t pass out “decision cards.” Never was the issue just intellectually accepting who God, or He, was. In fact, the clearest, most serious early “believers” who knew exactly who He was were the demons, or evil spirits. Further, Jesus taught in his Parable of the Sower that good seed, or truth, must not only be accepted but nurtured and acted upon.

      It is a forgone conclusion we must share the Gospel, but sharing is hardly enough.

      We are to make disciples. That implies much more than a one-time encounter¹ by us or those around us.

      Make disciples.

      To make in others a Christ encounter that infects their everyday lives, taking them not just to “our level,” but far beyond. And that’s not just by our words but by the way we live. That’s the hard part.

      That’s why Christ-followers are here today, 2000 years after He left the Earth.


   ¹ This in no way means to minimize any urging others who a person may never see again to accept Christ on a “minimal one-time encounter.” After all, after seeds of information by sincere believers can come to life by independent action of the Holy Spirit, perhaps using other believers. Bible studies, evangelistic meetings, and church attendance still matter, but Jesus’ parting instructions should never be ignored.