We add new English words every day.

But then we lose some beauties, too.  Consider




for example.

For that and 6 more, use the DOOR.





   Chirming¹ (n) — from the v. chirm, the noise birds make when the flock in trees.

   Alderbest (n) — best of all.

   Cumberground (n) — anything totally useless that gets in the way.

   Dirl (n, v) — to vibrate like a gong.

   Fangle (n) — a toy, trifle, or other fashionable article.

   Felth (n) — the power of feeling in the fingers.

   Glincy (v) — smooth and shining, mirror-like


   From photocopied information from Lost Beauties of the English Language by Charles MacKay (1874).


   And here’s a modern neologism you’ve never heard of:

   Reddotted (adj) — words beyond the knowledge of your narrow-minded, computer spell-checker².


   ¹ Inclusion of which is dedicated to my middle son Eli.

   ² You’ve no idea how annoying, insulting, and limiting a spell-checker can be…You heard this first at adozenseconds.com.