[Sorry it’s Friday the 13th. This is an opinion piece, so if you don’t want to think about what’s going to happen outside your front door, go no farther. This, by the way, is a secular-oriented piece, not a Bible-centered one, so I hope you’re not disappointed.]


I see 3 main reasons why the American ship is about to sink.


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   (1)  Americans¹, except for the few who are very rich, are unable or unwilling to pay for the greatly improved things they now feel entitled to.

–Think healthcare; safety (and safe zones); college education; plentiful healthy and tasty food; modern weather-proof housing (and insurance); child care; long carefree retirements, etc.

–A response: “Our country’s not destitute. If there’s any shortfall, ‘borrow’ more. We always have and that always works.” (But one day it won’t.)

   (2)  Far too many Americans are now being raised by children who were raised by children who were raised by children.

–Too many one-parent² or “no parent” families. Children left to themselves to decide what’s right and wrong (religious training missing or shelved as antiquated).

–In the next depression, people will not be “waiting” in long lines. They’ll be taking by force.

   (3)  Americans are more and more held in bondage by technicians and their electronic gadgetry that most others know nothing about, and that controls much of everyone’s behavior.

–Soon there’ll be a cashless society as in several European countries. Your salary will be credited to your electronic account, which you’ll be allowed to spend by the people in charge³–unless they consider you unworthy of that privilege.

–Phones and “cards” can do magic things, and the old and especially the young can make them dance. Take away the electricity in a modern society, however, and you have no society at all.


   For more thoughts about this we’ll have a future post. In the meantime, let me remind you once again about the (secular) prophetic insight of the historians Strauss and Howe in their analysis, The Fourth Turning (See posts #667, #215, and #216. You can click on these in the window above on the left.)


   ¹ Or others in America who aren’t actually American.

   ² We realize that one-parent families in many places can’t be avoided. But the enormous increase in such families as a result of personal choice or convenience, unfortunately, has dramatically increased our social cost in many ways.

   ³ As society desperately works to create a “better” world for everyone, do you ever wonder who those “people,” or “that person,” might be?