Overcommitting? This may seem like soft news.


But I see it as solid.


A brief (but honest qualifier for a) adozenseconds note:


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   Everybody wants you and your time. Especially if you’re talented. Even if you aren’t. Here are 3 articulately stated helps to keep you from overcommitting¹.

   (1)  Don’t say “I’ll get back to you.”

   Unless you truly need to check, this holds that person hostage, and you can’t move on either, says Samantha Ettus, author of The Pie Life. Making quick decisions frees up your time and emotional energy.

   (2)  Start with, “Oh, I wish I could!”

   Recognizing the event is worthwhile softens the no. Follow with a vague statement like “It’s just not going to work for me.”² Giving a specific reason may open the door to tailor the request to your schedule.

   (3)  Define limits.

   Set boundaries around activities you hold sacred, and turn down anything that invades that space.


   ¹ Everything that follows this comes from Better Homes and Gardens (Sept. 2017).

   ² No, we’re not avocating lying here, but certain messages are better than others in conveying your reaction to neutral situations that come your way.