For more than a 5-min. devotional thought¹…if you want to quickly approach a modern theological or Christian apologetic issue to think about–for say 45 minutes or an hour-and-a-half

   on a regular

   or one-time

       search encounter,

   we have a suggestion…


For that you’ll have to use the DOOR.




 Do a youtube search for one, or both, of the following:


Ravi Zacharias

Hugh Ross


   In our view, each of these men reflects a solid Christian faith as well as an awareness of contemporary issues, real questions, and the value of the Bible and a Christian worldview. Together they have spoken thousands of times at secular colleges and universities including Harvard, Yale, Oxford, Johns Hopkins, Berkley, Chicago, etc…describing and/or defending Biblical faith. Topics they discuss are very relevant to modern life and Christian responsibility.

   Easily available are debates with atheists with Richard Dawkins and others at these schools.

   Warning: it can easily become habit-forming.

   But it can, for a season, be a refreshing way to look at the Bible as well as oneself.


   ¹ Not minimizing the value of this, however.