A word about logic…(according to Robert Lanza¹):


   “A this moment your kitchen either: (1) has one or more cats in it, (2) contains no cats, or else (3) has partial cats (if they’re lounging in doorways and are neither fully in nor out of the room).


For more use the DOOR.






“These are the only choices when it comes to the topic of cats and their relationship to your kitchen. No other possibilities exist but these three.

   “Now consider electrons that are created in one spot and then beamed to another where there is a detector; we’ll call this route path A. Along the path lies a series of mirrors that bounce some electrons to make them take a longer route to the detector, which we’ll call path B. We’ll fire one electron at a time, and attempt to measure which path it took.

   “We know it must take A or B because if we block both paths, no electrons reach the detector. But when we measure the routes by various methods, a funny thing happens. Carefully labeling the positions, we find that some electrons reach the detector by neither taking path A, path B, nor both paths together, nor neither path. Since these are the only choices we can logically entertain, the electrons have done something else–something we cannot imagine. Something that lies totally outside all conceivable possibilities and thus everyday logic.

   “This is fact, not speculation. The electrons and everything else in the sub-microscopic world can routinely do impossible things is given a name: They are said to be in a state of superposition. This corresponds to existing and acting in all possible ways at once, and even some seemingly impossible ways. It’s as if today you went to the bank and also didn’t go to the bank and both statements were absolutely true.

   “….[We] should face up to something that’s rather if ever voiced in modern cosmology: the possibility that the true nature of the universe as a whole has nothing to do with the way its parts work, that it indeed lies outside the very characteristics of its components.

   “That the universe (taken as a whole) does lie beyond our logic should be obvious, but somehow escapes the notice of cosmology textbooks. Look at our models: Many say a Big Bang started it all, but have no idea, not the foggiest, how you get an entire universe of matter/energy out of nothingness. The very idea makes no sense whatsoever, even if it may sound okay to the majority of people simply because it’s been repeated so often.

   “…[E]ven saying the cosmos had a beginning leads immediately to illogic, because then where did that begin, wherever-it-was?


   ¹ From Ch 16 of Beyond Biocentrism (Benbella Books, Inc., Dallas TX, 2015, Kindle Version) by Robert Lanza and Bob Berman. It should be mentioned that this is not a Christian book. Nor is it New Age. But, I feel, it seems friendly to Christian faith (assuming that “mind” had to precede matter) that takes science seriously. Lanza was discovered as a teenager in a parking lot at Harvard University when he was seeking information for a cloning experiment with chickens he was conducting in the basement of his home on “the other side of the tracks.” His BA & MD is from Univ. of PA. He was a Fulbright Scholar and part of the team that cloned the world’s first human embryo, as well as the first to clone an endangered species. Lanza has been featured at one time or another in key journals, magazines, and newspapers. Bob Berman is a widely interviewed and published astronomer. (Their Biocentrism appeared earlier.)

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