Says Robert Lanza¹:


  “A deep problem…we have failed to protect science against speculative theories…that now masquerade as fact.”


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   Lanza recites some history of science speculation:

   Mainstream science of the past included:

“the ‘ether’ of the 19th century; the ‘space-time’ of Einstein; the ‘string theory’ of the new millennium with new dimensions blowing up in different realms, and not only strings but ‘bubbles’ shimmering down the byways of the universe are examples of this speculation. Indeed, unseen dimensions (up to 100 in some theories) are now envisioned everywhere, some curled up like soda-straws at every point in space.

   “Today’s preoccupation with unprovable physical ‘theories of everything’ is a sacrilege to science itself, a strange detour of the scientific method, whose bible has already decreed that we must question everything relentlessly and not worship what Bacon called ‘The Idols of the Mind.’….When science tries to resolve a theory’s conflicts by adding and subtracting dimensions to the universe like houses on a Monopoly board, dimensions unknown to our senses and for which not a shred of observational evidence exists, we need to take a time-out and examine our dogmas².”


   ¹ Robert Lanza, MD, with Bob Berman, Biocentrism: How Life and Consciousness are the Keys to Understanding the True Nature of the Universe (Benbella Books, Inc., Dallas TX, 2009, Kindle Version). It should be mentioned that this in not a Christian book. Nor is it New Age. But, I feel, it is very friendly to Christian faith that takes science seriously. Lanza was discovered as a teenager in a parking lot at Harvard University when he was seeking information for a cloning experiment with chickens he was conducting in the basement of his home on “the other side of the tracks.” His BA & MD is from Univ. of PA. He was a Fulbright Scholar and part of the team that cloned the world’s first human embryo, as well as the first to clone an endangered species. Lanza has been featured at one time or another in key journals, magazines, and newspapers. Bob Berman is a widely interviewed and published astronomer.

   Stories of Lanza’s impoverished background is interlaced through this fascinating volume. It’s a great Kindle read that can easily be picked up and put down without missing what’s going on.

   Biocentrism (an awful title to arouse interest!) is one of my favorite books to read and reread. The book is a mix of science and “human interest from the other side of the tracks.” Also, it’s very readable and thin. Don’t be snowed by fairy-tail science words…