Yes, we “do” words.  Time for a needed definition:


“Modern Reparations”


For more, the DOOR.




   If we only stop for a minute and look in the mirror, and get realistic, it’s easy to see we modern folks are all victims of all sorts of things we’re really entitled to.

   A quick list: We’re the wrong size, the wrong weight, or possibly the wrong sex. We don’t see clearly enough, aren’t as smart as the folks next door, and for too long have lived without things and opportunities that we definitely should have. Such as enough space with AC. Or we’ve just lived too long. So unfair when so much is available! The children are too far away, or too close and too troubled, or none have ever appeared in our family circle. And there’s the issue of having the wrong geography under our feet, questionable ancestry, a flawed past, sometimes really flawed if we look back far enough¹.

   We all need help.

   So here’s the solution:  We need to understand, appreciate, and surrender to the advent of modern reparations.” Here’s how it goes:

   We must willingly give up all our money and resources to everybody so everybody can give up all their money and resources to us.

   That way we can all be happy with each other and live in peace.

   Modern logic is a wonderful thing.


   ¹ I ought to know. In a look at records about my ancestors I discovered that Nicholas and William Knapp, as soon as they landed here ten years after the Mayflower, they were arrested for swearing and selling a false cure for scurvy. No wonder I’m  handicapped and in need of restoration. But now I can relax, rehab is at hand.