I will be general and brief again¹.


   For my premise² and how I voted

pretend the DOOR this time

is attached to my voting booth.



   First, I’ve said or implied several times that we’re already “doomed.”²

   Things are coming to some kind of serious end in our country and our world.

  That is, according our secular make-up and expectations. Enormous change lies ahead sooner than we think that we, and especially our children, will have to pay for. Christianity will suffer as never before, which is just what we deserve by the way, and could propel and bring Christian revival–or a quicker trip to heaven.

   The American dike was, and is, badly leaking.

   I figured that he had more fingers to stick in holes that were spewing out water than she, postponing disaster for my children and grandchildren. (Parents and grandparents love such creatures. Even Darwin can relate to that.)

   I didn’t vote for her.

   But his fingers may not be enough, or strong enough, to hold back the chaos begging to express itself. We’ll see.

   Two factors that most determined my vote:

   (1)  The Supreme Court member replacement.

   I do not suggest, or imply that we should in any way totally rewrite our “outdated” Constitution, putting it in a detailed, “inoffensive” form resembling the Constitution of South Africa that Ruth Bader Ginsberg has suggested, exporting the new college “safe zone” mentality, and will make it nearly impossible to further modify without a military revolution³. This is not likely to happen tomorrow, but maybe the day after that. A liberal court of lifetime, impossible-to-remove, members is moving that way. Our Constitution is magnificent, brief, the oldest one in the world, and one that can be modified in part, if need be. (Our country has made a good start on member replacement, but that issue isn’t over.)

   (2)  The preservation of American religious liberty.

   There have been sad moments, but religious and moral expression has not disappeared yet, though it–practically–has in many other countries. This, of course, relates to #1 (above) and free speech issues.


   ¹ I, an Independent for a couple of decades, wrote two pre-election posts that are still available, but you’re going to have to work at it to find them. And I’m not going to help you! I did promise this 3rd post, however.

   ² I’ve said earlier that there are 3 enormous factors that are going to eventually do us in: (1) The inability or an unwillingness of everybody (except for the super-rich who don’t understand $) to pay for what we feel we are entitled to. (2) Too many children being raised by children who have been raised by children. (3) The growing phenomenon of surrendering all the technology that governs everything we need and use to fewer and fewer people who can create, repair, replace, or control the use of that technology. There are Christian reasons, too, but that’s not my purpose here.

   ³ Be aware that this is my paraphrase of what Ginsberg has recently said, and implied, on several occasions. You need to check out this for yourself and decide.