This is the 2nd in our “7 Important Truths or Concepts” Series¹


(1)  The Earth and the Universe is very old. They began


Universe:  13. 73 billion years ago

Earth:  4.57 billion years ago


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   This is not news to most of those who read our postings. The best science has again and again confirmed this. We have talked many times about our “OLD EARTH” conviction, as opposed to a “YOUNG EARTH” conviction that the Earth came before the Universe and is no more than 6000 to 10,000 years old. And we do this as Christians who take the Bible very seriously. We will list and number (in a ragged order) certain comments and observations that we think may explain how we look at this. Our 7 important truths (from personal notes) are listed in the footnote below¹.


   (1)  The God we worship could have created the Earth 600 or 60 years ago if He wanted to. It’s never a question of Why did it take God so long? God can do anything. He could have created markers in the Earth that “had the appearance of great age” if He wanted to to create the illusion of that. But why would He? Even though “nobody was there to prove it billions of years ago,” many measurements science measurements of different kinds–radiometric dating, the precise layering of sedimentary deposits, for example–overwhelmingly declare the Earth to be millions, in fact billions of years old.

   (2)  Many scholars find the creation accounts in the Bible to be concordant with the findings of modern science.

   (3)  Accepting “millions and billions” of years is in no way requires accepting “evolution”² or Darwinism. These are separate issues, although Darwinists insist upon a “millions of years” timespan to allow Naturalism time for Natural Selection to take place.

   (4)  Many evangelical Bible scholars who believe in Biblical inerrancy have no problem with Old Earth Creationism. (Often they don’t advertise this, however!)

   (5)  Google “old earth creationists” and see for yourself (or our articles on this).

   (6)  Naturalists, Darwinists, and atheists often let science falsely declare “concepts” as true that have no factual support such as the “multiverse” concept (it’s gotta be true because there’s no other way to explain origins, and the Big Bang, for example).

   (7)  The best website we know to gather information about the Age of the Earth and Universe is reasons.org. (Supported by Reasons To Believe headed by Hugh Ross, PhD, a Christian astronomer)


   ¹ 7 Truths and Concepts Series

1. Earth and the universe are very old…and are amazing.

2. Mind preceded matter.

3. Right and Wrong are real and absolute.

4. Humans are unique and overwhelmingly distinctive among all living things.

5. Science provides important and reliable information about nature.

6. The Bible is unique, categorically different from other books, provides other reliable important information that does not deceive or lie to the common person who thoughtfully reads it.

7. Substitutionary atonement for sins is a welcome, satisfying, and real phenomenon.

   ² “Evolution” is a word that needs careful defining in any science/Bible. It’s surprising the different definitions people have of it!