According to USA TODAY¹, Oxford Dictionaries has recently added more than 300 words to its official lexicon.


Fitspiration” and “Craptacular are beauties…


For definitions of these and 6 more, use the DOOR.




   Fitspiration  – (n)  A person or thing that serves as motivation for someone to sustain or improve heath and fitness.

   Craptacular  – (adj)  Remarkably poor or disappointing.

   Haterade – (n)  Excessive negativity, criticism, or resentment.

   In vino veritas – (exclamation)  Under the influence of alcohol, a person tells the truth.

   Climate refugee – (n)  A person who has been forced to leave their [sic] home as the result of the effects of climate change on their [sic] environment.

   Drunk Text – (n)  A text message sent while drunk, typically one that is embarrassing or foolish.

   Sausage fest – (n)  An event or group in which the majority of participants are male.

   Yas – (exclamation)  Expressing great pleasure or excitement.


   “Oxford updates its collection every three months, often reflecting new term and popular slang. Slang and vulgar terms are marked as such, and Oxford defended their additions: ‘Slang terms are just as real as any other word, and are included in the dictionary in just the same way.’ “


   ¹ All information herein, including the quotation and excluding the “[sic]”, is from Josh Hafner’s article, “Yas! Oxford Dictionaries adds entries to collection,” that appeared in USA TODAY (Feb. 28, 2017).