“Will we survive?”¹


3 great (physical) disasters

threaten our world.


And is there now a 4th one?


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   In Newt Gingrich’s best-selling book (in 2005) Winning the Future, he identifies the 3 greatest threats America faces:


“Weapons of mass destruction

“Weapons of mass murder

“Weapons of mass disruption


   That’s a clever trilogy, perhaps created by his ghost writer. (If Newt himself came up with it, my apologies.) What Gingrich does better than most politicians, however, is continually press the focus on certain important issues that most people ignore.

   The 3 causes (in order):


Biological & Chemical

EMP (electromagnetic pulse)


   Several comments about this:  These all can be horribly devastating, given the enslavement we’ve allowed ourselves to create. We are on our knees before the royal techno-geniuses and their court who nowadays make, service, and repair or periodically replace everything we need.

   EMP, in case you’ve not looked too closely, is a hobbyhorse we often ride. It’s a theme in Earth Is Not Alone (see book on right). The effects of an EMP attack begin softly and subtly with no people or buildings directly affected that suddenly crescendos exponentially into mass horror beyond belief. The 3 weapons cited at the beginning are not so independent of one another as such a listing might suggest. The cause of EMP is nuclear: specially created explosions in the atmosphere at only a few strategic points that cause a universal meltdown printed and micro-circuitry that can be permanent, crippling the existing super-modern electrical power grid.

   It’s easy to locate information about this. Conferences here and there about EMP often end with participants leaving the room quietly shaking their heads.

   Immediately before us now is cyber security. Maybe those causing Wikileaks, now mysteriously filtering down important information we need, will show us–according to their rules–how to protect ourselves, and our very private information, on the Internet that presently governs our lives.


   ¹ This is the title of Chapter 1 of the book (pub. by Regnery) listed in our first sentence above.