In 2016, who is saying the most about the “fire of HELL“?


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Jesus Christ


   Jesus Christ, more than all the other persons in the Bible put together, talked about the terrors of Hell. And the Bible today in its many forms and translations remains the best-selling book of all time. (This is easy to Google and check out.) Below are many of the sources for Jesus’s words about Hell. We’re providing them since the Bible today seems to be very selectively read and used:

Mk. 9:42-49

Mt. 5:22, 29-30

Mt. 10:28

Mt. 13:49-50

Mt. 18:7-9

Mt. 23:13, 32-33

Lk. 10:19-31.

   If one adds to this the possibility of being “lost in eternal darkness,” there are still many more passages¹.

   How should a person think about this? Of course, if the Bible is true, this is serious stuff about human destiny. It is also “offensive” to many who face what the Bible says–in whole, not just in part.

   One wonders how the “new sensitivity” to offending or disturbing minorities and children will affect reading, using, or even possessing a Bible outside of a church or home.

   Will it become illegal to let children read the Bible, until, say a certain age?

   Will it become a form of child abuse to allow child to possess a Bible? (If it takes a “village” to properly raise a child, must we keep all Bibles out?)

   And what about Jesus, the purveyor of such horrifying thoughts? Should we erase His presence and name from the public forum, in the same spirit as the suggested erasing of George Washington’s name from a school building because he owned slaves?

   You say this will never happen. Look at some of the other things you say ten years ago that wouldn’t happen…


   ¹ We should never, however, that Jesus has provided an escape from through His death and resurrection.