I should be more precise: Color doesn’t objectively exist.


(1)  You can’t “weigh”¹ blue or green or “put them in a bag.”

(2) Things do not innately have color.

(3)  Color depends on how the molecules in the cones² in the eyes of a human or animal receive light reflected by, or created by, an object.

(4)  Consider “protanopia.”


For more use the DOOR.




   Color is a clear³ example of something that has no stand-alone reality.

   What? This means that “red,” for example doesn’t exist anywhere by itself without a human or animal observing the supposedly “red” thing. A person falling over cliff and getting squashed does not shed red blood if the bang at the bottom is not observed!

   The existence of color can only happen if cones in a creature’s eyes–and not all creatures have cones!–observe it and, if it’s a human we’re talking about who’s witnessing this, the human compares what he sees to something he calls red.

   Now some humans have a color-blindness to what “normal” people call red. They suffer from what’s called “protanopia,” or daltonism.

   Similarly, those humans with a color-blindness to greens suffer from deuteranopia.

   And humans with a rare color-blindness to blues suffer from tritanopia.

   And animals? They’re all over the place with colors they can detect. In every case the electromagnetic radiation is the same wavelength.

   We propose a neologism here: “normalopia.” We define it as “the ‘perception of appearance of redness’ that humans without the above deficiencies have for electromagnetic radiation typically identified as red. (Look hard, and you find even flaws here…)

   Similar arguments can be made about sounds and smells. But that’s enough for today…


   [Except that "daltonism" is the only "new" word (above) that accepted by the Scrabble Dictionary. "Anopia," however is OK...]


   ¹ “determine the mass of” is a better, though foggier way of saying this.

   ² Cones are the color-determining cells in the eye. “Rods” are cells that discriminate between white and black.

   ³ This is a flawed pun…