The role of women of  as seen by the President?

Let’s go back,

Way back to our 6th president,


John Quincy Adams.


From the biographer Samuel Flagg Bemis¹

we get the quote that’s just on the

other side of the DOOR.




   “Why does it follow [says JQA in 1838] that women are fitted for nothing but the cares of domestic life, for bearing children, and cooking the food of a family, devoting all their time to the domestic circle–to promoting the immediate personal comfort of their husbands, brothers, and sons?…The mere departure of a woman from the duties of the domestic circle, far from being a reproach to her, is a virtue of the highest order, when it is done from purity of motive, by appropriate means, and the purpose good.”²


   ¹ Samuel Flagg Bemis, John Quincy Adama and the Union (NY: Knopf, 1956, p.369.)

   ² The quote from the above volume was taken by William A. DeGregorio, The Complete Book of U. S. Presidents: From George Washington to Bill Clinton (NY: Wing Books, 1993, p.102).