If you take prayer seriously what should you regularly pray about? Let me suggest 3 concerns, at least 2 of which you’ve probably overlooked:


 (1)  Preservation of commercial electrical …….power.

The society of Homo sapiens sapiens (should I add another “sapiens”?) has become so specialized that if we lost all electrical power, we will be doomed.

(2)  Preservation of technicians.

Without the highly trained specialists who can understand, service, and fix the now necessary things that 97% of the rest of us depend upon and can’t begin to figure out, we will be doomed.

(3)  The wisdom to be fair and kind enough.

In the time to come when there’s not the usual amount of everything to go around, there will be many more “takers” than “waiters” (in line) to get things that other people are willing to “let go of.”


For more use the DOOR.




   Setting aside any relevance of predicted end times, Homo sapiens of the modern, mechanized world of automobiles, elevators, health-care needs, and electronic transactions are facing a possible “social” and environmental problem not unlike that of the Mesozoic dinosaurs.

   First, we need to realize that all of us (as a group), rich and poor, have a sense of entitlement to wonderful things that cost more money than we realize and/or are willing or able to pay for. We’re all guilty.

   Further, we hardly ever realize how totally dependent we are upon commercial electricity. And even fewer realize how sensitive our electrical grid is to possible destruction by EMP (or electro-magnetic pulse) from nuclear explosions in the atmosphere. This has been a real behind-the-scenes issue first noticed in 1962 that’s been swept under the rug. You can quickly read about  the horrors of this–for free–by reading Chapter 2 from my novel, EARTH IS NOT ALONE¹, shown in the sidebar to the right. Please remember, however, that names and places–except for Hawaii–have been fictionalized, though the facts are accurate. If you google just “EMP” you’ll find tons of info right at your fingertips

   Also, we ordinary folks should realize how dependent we are on the specialists that daily serve or support us in a hundred ways. Everything is electronic, our appliances and our transactions, as well as the libraries we carry on the Kindles in our pockets.

   I could say so much more, that’s enough for now.


   ¹Novels that include destruction of the power grid also include One Second After (pub. in 2009 a few months after my EINA, above) by William R. Forstchen and Defending Sea Breezes (2015) by Douglas Thornblom. These have a secular framework, and I recommend both. (EINA has specifically Christian implications.)