“Of course, Einstein was right!

We’re dealing with fact, not faith…”¹


100 years ago (in 1916), Einstein predicted the existence of gravitational waves. Just now they’ve been proved to exist!


   “It’s one of the most spectacular verifications of Einstein’s theory,” says Columbia astrophysicist Zoltan Halman. “This is like a new window into the universe.”²


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   We’re looking at a big overview in this post.

   For decades Einstein’s work in theoretical physics has been accepted by nearly everyone who inspects fundamental, factual, information about the universe. These are all “established facts” so to speak. The new discoveries about gravitational waves is “…confirming the ideas of one of the most brilliant minds that ever lived” says physicist Robbert Dijkgraaf, director of the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, N.J. where Einstein once worked.


   And this shows even to those with a beginning understanding of science that parts of Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity have never been actually proved until now.

   They have been accepted by faith“reasonable faith” we should add. I have no problem with Einstein’s work, by the way. But many pieces of “science” have never been clearly proven, though they are accepted by faith because they go along well with much that knowledge that is rock solid.

   As to the gravitational waves:

   Scientists have quietly (to most ears) been working on finding evidence for them since gravity is one of the presumed 4 fundamental forces that exist. In 1993, researchers won a Nobel Prize for the discovery of an unusual pulsar star that offered indirect evidence of gravitational waves. In 2014 one group of astronomers reported that they had “spotted” gravitational waves from the earliest moments of the universe, but within a year they had to admit they were wrong.

  Now this discovery which makes Einstein’s contribution more solid.

  We will say more about it in a future post…


   ¹ This is a manufactured representational quote, not an actual one.

   ² All other quotes and factual information are from Robert Lee Hotz’s “Einstein’s Gravitational Waves Detected” that appeared in The Wall Street Journal (p.2, Feb. 12, 2016).