This is a poem about a person in the New Testament that you’ve never thought about before.




We know almost nothing about him even though St. Luke and St. Paul single him out

5 times.

Acts 19:29

Acts 20:4

Acts 27:2

Colossians 4:10

Philemon 24


What can we add to this?

An 8-line poem

For that you need the DOOR.






If you aren’t too fancy,

Just an ordinary carcass,

Consider the example

Of a man called Aristarchus.


Five times the Bible tells us

How his faith refused to bend;

Quietly he served the Lord,

Enduring to the end.


   Aristarchus? He was there and, and unlike Demas, he stuck around and did whatever he was asked to do during the wild first days of the Christian Church. How would you picture such a faithful, nondescript person? You can see how Dianne Turner Deckert pictured him in my book of poems, A Pillar of Pepper (see in book pictured the sidebar upper right).