January 1…..Taking a look at our website:


 What is A Dozen Seconds?


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   Time for a list…First, we’re still trying to figure this out, this being our 461 st post at the rate of 3 new posts per week–not missing a deadline yet.


   (1)  A Dozen Seconds is thrice-weekly comments, or observations, about something of interest–to us. We believe and practice what mystery writer Mickey Spillane said when he was asked why he wrote what he did: “I write what I want to read that hasn’t been written.” And this includes, we feel, going beyond fiction (which we also write) to reacting to events and ideas that land on our doorstep. And we try to keep it short, also citing sources of our information to make it for others who make want to use it.

   (2)  “We” is usually the author of the books in the sidebar at the right.

   (3)  We have multiple archives–rarely used with similar websites–dealing mainly dealing with science, religion, and language¹

   (4)  Why do this?” It enables “us” to think out loud and get ideas off “our” chest about what’s around us, without people running for cover if they see us coming. This way we use our ears more and–we hope–have become more friendly and interested in what you’re doing.

   (5)  And, by writing this way, we can better check out and recall what was happening in our head last Thursday.

   (6)  You see, our archives have become treasured filing cabinets…and friends. And they take up almost no space.

   (7)  They help in our building of a knowledge and source base of ideas.

   (8)  And sharing what matters beyond ourselves.

   (9)  And the “I” behind “we” is a Christian who takes seriously the God of the Bible and the message it proclaims.

   (10)  Our dozen seconds gives you a chance to look at what we find interesting and meaningful, and if we don’t connect, letting you click back to the rest of the “seconds” you still have. And how many are those? As we’ve said before, if we can think of heartbeats as seconds, the average person has about 3,000,000,000 of them.

   (11)  We hope that you use well the seconds you have this year.

   (12)  And, if we’re useful, that you’ll share what you find with us.

Happy New Year!


   ¹ The “we” of ADS has a PhD in science education and taught English for several decades at SUNY-Oswego. He was an elder in the Christian and Missionary Alliance Church there and he presently attends an Evangelical Free church and occasionally writes for the Seed of Abraham Ministry in Merritt Island, Florida. Hence the 3 main archive areas–SCIENCE, RELIGION, and LANGUAGE–and the more general areas: philosophy, observations, events, sources, and curiosities. Some posts, however, may be archived in more than one category.