Note: This is written the day after the 11-hour hearing of Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton as to her handling of the Benghazi tragedy 3 years earlier.


   I watched most of it.


   Approximately 20 years ago was the (seemingly endless) trial of football star O. J. Simpson for the murder of his ex-wife.


   I watched a small part of it, read a bit more in the newspaper.


For more on this unusual pairing, use the DOOR.




   First, let me confess that I’ve been an American independent-who-regularly-votes for more than a decade. I’m not a “card-carrying” Republican or Democrat, though–quite frankly–I lean more to one side than the other. I value what I consider to be true more than “taking sides.” I suppose that may be naive, but so be it. I value American democracy and the opportunity to give, to receive, and to decide that our laws provide.

   I’ll assume you know about Benghazi and the terrible tragedy that happened there more than three years ago and was aired on national TV on Oct. 22, 2015. And further, that separate–conflicting–explanations were offered as to what led to the overrunning of the American compound and led to the murder of the American ambassador and three other Americans there. In short:

   Explanation A was that a critical piece on the prophet Mohammed presented in Egypt led to a “spontaneous” attack on the compound in Libya. If so, this is one of those things that happens that is difficult to avoid. This would “minimally” effect the reelection of Obama only two months away. Obama had said, or strongly implied, that the present Libyan situation was moving along fairly well.

   Explanation B was that a “planned” terrorist attack led to the murders and destruction. After all, it occurred on the anniversary of 9/11, sophisticated weaponry had been used, and hundreds of requests for more American military support had been made–though they were all denied. This would imply that Obama was very wrong in his assessment of the Libyan situation.

   After the horrific attack, “A” was announced by the State Department as the cause. A was also given as the cause the grieving parents who received the remains of their sons. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, however, in a email to her daughter and in a phone call to the premier of Egypt said B was the cause. People on the ground said B was the cause. In fact, there was no evidence (presented for A) whatsoever. Further, State Department Official Susan Rice went on five TV networks on the following Sunday and declared that A had caused the trouble. Down the road, when most people’s minds were elsewhere, B was declared by the government to have actually been the real cause.

   There’s much more, but it’s easy to see why some were really upset. (Of course, you need to check other sources to get the complete picture here and evaluate for yourself. But please go past the headlines, most of which praise Clinton declaring she’d acted presidential under hours of tough questioning. After all she’s on the right side. Don’t people–especially politicians–lie about everything anyway?)

   And don’t visit the mainline press for all your research. They’ve moved on.

   Now O. J. Simpson and his trial for murder 20 years ago. Why this addendum? You can easily find out much about this. Consider the mountains of evidence and decide for yourself. I can’t remember a tighter case for criminal guilt. I remember back then I was teaching in a university  class with several black students, some pretty sharp. One of the few times a loudspeaker ever interrupted my teaching was the one that announced: “The jury has returned with its verdict: Simpson has been found to be innocent.” Big news that trumped everything else. Several sighs of happiness were released. He was a symbol for the oppressed. It was even quietly mentioned, “It was payback time.”

   (A side note pops into my mind. A bit more that 30 years before Simpson’s trial I was teaching in Liberia, West Africa, when I heard another announcement: It was Nov. 22, 1963. President Kennedy had just been assassinated. I was astonished by so many Africans, who loved Kennedy from a distance, and some of whom had a picture of him in the wall of their homes, came up to me and in English–their 2nd language–expressed their sorrow over his death.)

   With Simpson the facts were irrelevant. And logic. It’s the cause that mattered.

   I wonder lots of times how some seemingly intelligent people today can face themselves in their morning mirror.

   In politics that refers to people on both sides of the aisle.

   As well as to Independents who comfortably it on the fence.