There’s controversy today about how we look at a person’s gender. State University of New York at Oswego is sensitive about how new students see themselves. The judgment call is not any objective test, but how a student feels about himself, herself, himself-herself, or whateverself.


   There are now seven choices to help students publicly define their gender for college records¹:


   They are:

   (1)  man

   (2)  woman

   (3)  transman

   (4)  transwoman

   (5)  genderqueer

   (6)  gender-fluid

   (7)  unsure or unlisted identity


   [For more use the DOOR.]




      A student can update his– let me start over… Students can update their gender preference at the beginning of each semester.

      One wonders, as a lesser problem of course, how the pronoun police will lay down inoffensive ways to encourage Joe (or Jane) student to do “his” (or “her,” or “his or her,” or “her or his,” or “his-her,” or “her-his,” or “whatever’s”) best in producing proper 21st century  fiction, poetry, or informational writing.


   ¹ Shea O’Malley, contributing writer, front page of The Oswegonian (Sept. 18, 2015). This is from Gov. Cuomo’s directive from the Trustees’ recent decision. There’s much, much more in the article, of course.