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   From the online OED, the definitions (of the several offered) I’m considering are the following:


   pluck – (n.)  “spirited and determined courage”

   grit - (n.)  “courage and resolve; strength of character: he displayed the true grit of the navy pilot.”




   A.  A person with pag¹ among other things:

   (1)   Refuses to let reasonable risk be the grand determining factor to avoid action.

   (2)  Refuses to look down on himself² as a victim.

   (3)  Refuses to speak or act in a way about personal hurt that causes people to avoid him. (Or whines.)


   B.  Reasons why these are good words:

   (1)  They’re historical and not overworked.

   (2)  They describe missing, and needed character traits.

   (3)  They’re short.

   (4)  They have Scrabble³ possibilities.

   (5)  They’re quick ways to describe the favorite antiheroes in the ms. of my new novel.


   The engine of Adozenseconds is back in the mtns. of PA, once again on the 3rd floor of his Tower office. The view of the Lake through the trees and the light breeze coming through the windows is hard to beat.

   I can’t resist not including a notice (totally irrelevant to what’s above) recently observed:

Catholic Karate

and Scripture tonight

at Precious Blood Church.

   Keep your feedback coming.


   ¹ A frightful neologism.

   ² I often resist abandoning the historic generic he, because “he or she” is still sexist as is “she or he,” which is also sexist and turns one’s attention away from what one’s talking about. (I once got a paper published on this in a state education journal.)

   ³ Can’t forget the less risky, stay-in-the-Tower possibilities.