This begins a special (apologetic-oriented) series that loosely connects PHILOSOPHY, SCIENCE, and RELIGION.

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   What’s going on here?

   We have published a number of posts that we think have “linked” application in applying Christian faith to the modern world around us (as well as the emotional world inside us).

   Don’t look for tight connections. If the philosophy looks too juvenile, or the science too thick, skip on to the next post.

   Rather than trying to hammer out answers to very complicated issues, we’re trying to create “talking points,” or starting points for more reading.

   The first few posts look at “What is real (to you and me)?” and “How can an intelligent person deal with mountains of complicated info that keeps pouring in?” Then, acknowledging that, “How what does a person do who wants to live a life of purpose that includes sensibly encountering God, and sharing ideas that aim more narrowly (and “politically incorrectly”) than NPR’s “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me!” whose goal is to be clever for the sake of a chuckle?

   Everyone who actually aims his life arrow, must wonder “Am I looking at the right target?” And, “If it’s out there, am I within range?”

   We’ll risk addressing that.