Jeanne Hobbs wasn’t finished…


    For a glimpse at the “middle” of BEST personal card ever created, my former university student showed me this. It’s just beyond the DOOR.





21.  My dad read me (the whole) Grimm’s and then we went out for ice cream late at night to celebrate.

22.  My dad never said anything to me that wasn’t kind, even when he was angry.

23.  My dad understands what it’s like to have dreams and want to pursue them. He never steps on mine, but shares them with me.

24.  My dad makes me believe that I can do anything.

25.  My dad makes me feel like the most wonderful person on earth.

26.  My dad taught me that it is special to be a girl. He always used to tell me, “Girls are smarter that boys.”

27.  My dad is very good looking. He shatters the myth that you need hair to look great.

28.  My dad takes very good care of himself. It is wonderful to know that I will never have to worry about my father’s health.

29.  My dad is the best breakfast companion ever.

30.  My dad is very wise and gives great advice. It is a comfort knowing I can always discuss questions and problems with my dad.

31.  My dad knows when and how to “let things go” in order to keep peace. He has excellent perspective.

32.  My dad is an AWESOME teacher. I know, he taught my favorite class ever. My dad could make a class on dirt riveting and fascinating.

33.  My dad taught me what to look for in a man. He taught me that if I ever had to open my own door or walk on the outside of the sidewalk with a guy, then the guy needed work.

34.  My dad is a “doer,” not a “talker.”

35.  My dad has great style. He didn’t jump off the fashion train when all the other dads did.

36.  My dad taught me that nobody owes me anything.

37.  My dad taught me that homemade is better than bought.

38.  My dad treasures this really dumb nutcracker with a chipped hat that I bought him, just because it was from me. That makes me feel like a treasure.

39.  My dad is my physical fitness hero. When I think of my life goal regarding fitness, it is to copy my father’s example. I want to take good care of myself when I am sixty, just like he does. I want to be as flexible as he is.

40.  My dad taught me that there is joy is serving others. He has never lived selfishly.

          –To be continued–