Occasionally, we offer definitions

to help people understand what’s

around them.


The first two should be familiar.


Homo sapiens

   The scientific name for the human species.


Homo sapiens sapiens

   The scientific name for the subspecies of modern humans.


Homo sapiens sapiens sadists

   The projected scientific name for the subspecies of modern humans who kill and murder indiscriminately for their own personal reasons without remorse or regret unless caught and punished by other homo sapiens sapiens.


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   Many secular naturalists who are determinists say, or infer, that we do what we do because of how we’re wired together. We simply receive and respond to stimuli, try to survive and reproduce, and that’s that. In other words, we’ve no real say in what we do. Ours senses take in. Some of our 100,000,000,000 neurons in our brains process the input and we react. What happens happens.

   People have always done bad things to others. But today, in a much more enlightened age, some people who ought to know better are doing many really bad things to other people without any thought of what effect their actions have. Things like causing random multiple murders.

   Things you and I and many other Homo sapiens sapiens would never do.


   But a growing number of sapiens sapiens have shown no compunctions about destroying or maiming others of their subspecies that have harmed them in any way..

   No compunctions whatsoever.

   I suggest to the naturalistic anthropology taxonomist to consider, from their point of view, a change in the hard-wiring has occurred in the species.

   If so, an enemy subspecies has arisen: Hence, we should add to our ever-changing taxonomic chart, “Homo sapiens sapiens sadists.”

   With their extreme ethical relativism, these new humans are not like the rest of us.

   No way.


   And so A Dozen Seconds adds to its growing list of neologisms…