Nowz”  (?)


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Here’s a neologism the world has been asking for:


   Nowz – (n.)  New information that’s just arrived from the Internet on your screen, raw, unvarnished, unconfirmed, uncriticized, unchallenged, unveiled, unvetted, faster than you can get it anywhere else.  [KID¹]


   People used to look for “news” in newspapers, or on TV, or the radio. No longer. Now that’s all “old” stuff. Who never reads a newspaper to learns what’s happening anymore? (Particularly since the comics have gotten stale.) There are pluses and minuses here. The pluses: you get something about something faster. Among the minuses: You’re often uncertain of the editorial spin. It may be right or wrong or whatever. With the old way of getting news–by CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, The NY Times, The Wall Street Journal, etc.–the info is more stale, but couched in its predictable and comfortable bias.


   ¹ The Knapp Internet Dictionary. (You heard it here first.)